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Declaration of fidelity to the Church’s unchangable teaching on marriage

LATIN MASS SOCIETY Wednesday, September 28, 2016 ‘Declaration of fidelity to the Church’s unchangable teaching on marriage’ Cardinal Burke with the LMS last year. Photos: Daniel Blackman You can join Cardinals Burke and Caffara, Bishop Athanasius Schneider and many others in signing a detailed declaration on the teaching of the Church on marriage, divorce, and related matters here. Although it makes for a long read, I do encourage people to sign it. It is being promoted by the people who did the ‘filial appeal’ before the last Synod on the Family. It is a magnificent piece of work. Each of...
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Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Instrumentum Laboris pushes agenda contrary to divine law

Voice of the Family has published an interview granted to Catholic Voice by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana in Kazakhstan.  [Catholic Voice is one of 24 organisations that form the Voice of the Family coalition.]   Voice of the Family reports: “Bishop Athanasius Schneider has risen to prominence because of his clear defence of Catholic teaching. In this interview the Bishop discusses the major threats to the family posed by the instrumentum laboris of the synod and by the actions of senior prelates who operate from within the official structures of the Church. Voice of the Family has produced an in-depth...
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