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Communion and Covid: from the Una Voce Federation

A press release from the FIUV. PDF version here. Foederatio Internationalis  Una Voce Quae patronum invocat sanctum Gregorium Magnum Papam. Press Release: Communion on the Tongue and Epidemic In light of the recent statement (and here) by Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi of Mobile, Alabama, in the United States of America, on social distancing during the reception of Holy Communion, and related issues surrounding the reception of Holy Communion around the world in the context of the Coronavirus epidemic, the Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce (FIUV) would like to make the following observations. In the Ordinary Form, the universal law of the Church gives every Catholic the...
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The Manner of Receiving Holy Communion – Video from Latin Mass Society

One of the most telling differences between the Traditional Latin Mass and most celebrations of the Novus Ordo is the manner in which the congregation receives Holy Communion. In the Traditional Mass, Communion is received on the tongue and kneeling; in the Novus Ordo in the hand and standing. Many clergy and laity are implacably opposed to the traditional practice, but, as LMS Chairman Dr Joseph Shaw explains here, the traditional practices of Communion on the tongue and kneeling go back many centuries.
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