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    The latest news from the Fraternity of St Peter in Australia:Please see our latest Ezechiel House Newsletter, which is our special 2018 fundraising edition.For the past ten years, we have organised biennial fundraising dinners, in order to raise awareness of the financial burden involved in forming future priests. This year it will not be possible for us to hold another dinner, so the newsletter itself must serve as our 2018 fundraising appeal.Southern Cross Seminarians: Progressing toward PriesthoodThe Fraternity of St Peter in Australia report:During the past two months, we have been blessed to have a large contingent of FSSP seminarians visiting our apostolates in Australia and New Zealand.The Southern Cross region has a growing number of seminarians from the Ezechiel House Novitiate, with eight currently studying overseas. Our ninth, Fr Daniel Mould, has just been ordained – for which we give great thanks to God.We are excited by the prospect of three of our senior seminarians, Brendan Boyce, Thomas Sofatzis and Roger Gilbride, being ordained to the diaconate next year, God willing. This potentially means three more priests for Australia and New Zealand in two years’ time!Two of our seminarians, Noel Soares and Michael Mordeno, are entering the fourth year of their studies.Since our last fundraising appeal we have been blessed to have three more seminarians join Ezechiel House and go on to further studies in the Fraternity’s major seminary in the USA – Nathan Pospischil and Savio Misquita in 2016 and Jeremy Chua in 2017.We have also had more vocation enquiries and, already this year, eight young men have stayed with us to see our way of life and consider whether they are called to join the Fraternity. So we hope to see Ezechiel House full again soon! But the formation of our seminarians depends greatly on your generosity, so we make our biennial appeal to you in this edition.

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