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Gregorius Magnus, Spring 2021, International Una Voce Federation

  The latest edition of Gregorius Magnus is now available, for Spring 2021. Gregorius Magnus 11 pdf download On the ISSUU platform It includes a report on the events in Rome last October, in place of the usual Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage. It also includes a key passage from the French Bishops’ summary report to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the implementation of Summorum Pontificum, in an English translation published for the first time. As usual it also includes translations of articles from the quarterly magazines of Una Voce France and Pro Missa Tridentina of Germany, as well as...
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Communion and Covid: from the Una Voce Federation

A press release from the FIUV. PDF version here. Foederatio Internationalis  Una Voce Quae patronum invocat sanctum Gregorium Magnum Papam. Press Release: Communion on the Tongue and Epidemic In light of the recent statement (and here) by Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi of Mobile, Alabama, in the United States of America, on social distancing during the reception of Holy Communion, and related issues surrounding the reception of Holy Communion around the world in the context of the Coronavirus epidemic, the Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce (FIUV) would like to make the following observations. In the Ordinary Form, the universal law of the Church gives every Catholic the...
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The Role of the Laity in the Extraordinary Form

  The Role of the Laity in the Extraordinary Form – International Federation Una Voce Position Paper   Thousands of Catholics from France  and other countries participate in the annual pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres, attending Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form every day.     “It has been argued that the Extraordinary Form excludes the laity from liturgical participation by accommodating only a limited number of formal liturgical roles for the laity: thus they can be servers, but not readers or Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. This claim is itself linked to accusations of ‘clericalism’. This paper shows that...
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FIUV Press Release: Good Friday ‘Prayer for the Jews’

In response to the Bishops of England and Wales decision to petition the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei for a change to the Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews used in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass – as reported in the Catholic Herald: The International Una Voce Federation (of which Ecclesia Dei Society of New Zealand is a member) has released the following press release: Thursday, 3 December 2015 FIUV PRESS RELEASE: ON THE GOOD FRIDAY ‘PRAYER FOR THE JEWS’ The Prayer for the Jews used in the Extraordinary Form Good Friday Liturgy continues to be...
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Clarity of interpretation of Vatican II and the intrinsic risks for failures

Introibo ad Altare Dei Home | Tridentine Liturgy | Documents | Links | Contact / documents / Clarity of the interpretation of Vatican II Clarity of interpretation of Vatican II and the intrinsic risks for failures Jack P. Oostveen Scientific and Practicing Civil Engineer Emeritus Ass. Professor on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Emeritus Guest Professor on Problem Solving Theory and Training President of the International Federation Una Voce 2006-2007 Vice-President of the International Federation Una Voce 2005-2006 / 2007-2013 Version d.d. 09.11.2015 pdf-file Preface Vatican II and the interpretationIntroduction Hermeneutic of Vatican II Lack of Clarity Double standards...
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