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Declaration of fidelity to the Church’s unchangable teaching on marriage

LATIN MASS SOCIETY Wednesday, September 28, 2016 ‘Declaration of fidelity to the Church’s unchangable teaching on marriage’ Cardinal Burke with the LMS last year. Photos: Daniel Blackman You can join Cardinals Burke and Caffara, Bishop Athanasius Schneider and many others in signing a detailed declaration on the teaching of the Church on marriage, divorce, and related matters here. Although it makes for a long read, I do encourage people to sign it. It is being promoted by the people who did the ‘filial appeal’ before the last Synod on the Family. It is a magnificent piece of work. Each of...
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Extraordinary Faith

“Extraordinary Faith is a monthly 30 minute television program on EWTN that celebrates the beauty of classical Catholic sacred art, architecture, music, and liturgy. We’ll take you to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring churches. We’ll introduce you to dynamic young Catholics whose faith has survived the demands of a secular world and who are becoming key players in the New Evangelization by sharing their enthusiasm for the traditions of Catholicism. We’ll show you the rich vocations harvest that is synonymous with the movement to restore the Extraordinary Form of Mass to mainstream parish life. We’ll give you the resources...
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