Catholics coming together for the worship of God in the Traditional Latin Mass, 1962 Missal


19 June 2016    Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Dear Faithful

Here follows the timetable for the next two weeks of our Latin Mass community. In addition to our Sunday Masses, we have a Saturday Mass, and other Masses associated with the visit of the Ecclesia Dei Society NZ to Ashhurst Church on 3 July 2016. We will have extra opportunities to assist the offering of the Traditional Mass during this time.

Following Father Sherry’s announcement in May that Father Brockhill will be joining him in offering the Traditional Mass at Ashhurst Church on one Sunday per month, we are currently awaiting the notification as to which Sunday of each month that Father Brockhill will offer the Mass. It would be clearly very desirable for faithful assisting Father Brockhill’s Mass, possibly at a different time, that Mass be on a set Sunday per month.

1.    Thursday 23 June 2016:    Monthly evening meal outing for the Catholic men of the community. This meal is usually organised by Mr Michael Petersen, telephone number 021     071 9101. All men are cordially invited to this evening. Please phone Michael if you would like to attend.

2.    Saturday 25 June 2016:    MASS AT MARTON CHURCH 10.00 AM. Rev Father Peter Brockhill will offer the second monthly last Saturday Traditional Mass at Marton Church.

3.    Sunday 26 June 2016:        MASS AT ASHHURST CHURCH 11.00 AM. Rev Father Thomas Sherry will offer the usual (DG) Sunday Traditional Mass at Ashhurst Church.

4.    Sunday 26 June 2016:      MID-WINTER LUNCH AFTER MASS, ABOUT 12.45 PM. This post-Mass luncheon will be a larger meal than the usual monthly pot-luck lunches.  We hope to have the pleasure of Fathers Francis and Kurian from St. Mary’s Parish Church in attendance, as well as Father Sherry. Many people have intimated to Michael Petersen their wish to attend. If you have not yet done so, you are welcome to attend, but please call Michael 021 071 9101 to book in.

5.    Sunday 3 July 2016:        SUNDAY MASSES AT ASHHURST CHURCH
09.30 AM    Rev Father Peter Janssen will offer his Sunday Traditional Mass.
11.00 AM    Rev Father Sherry will offer the usual Sunday Ashhurst Traditional Mass.
12.00 PM    Rev Father Sherry hears confessions first Sunday of the month.

6.    Sunday 3 July 2016:        POT-LUCK LUNCH ABOUT 12.30 PM. We will offer our congratulations to Rev Father Sherry on attaining his 50th anniversary of priestly ordination, and as well Rev Fathers Peter Janssen and Peter Brockhill will be attending.

7.    Sunday 3 July 2016:        ECCLESIA DEI SOCIETY NZ ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING in the Church Hall following lunch. Guest speaker will be Rev Father Peter Janssen. (Our Ashhurst TLM group have two faithful on the Council of EDS NZ).

8.    Monday 4 July 2016:    ASHHURST CHURCH TRADITIONAL MASS 6.00 PM . Rev Father Peter Janssen will offer Mass.

9.    Tuesday 5 July 2016:    ASHHURST CHURCH TRADITIONAL MASS 6.00PM.   Rev Father Peter Janssen will offer Mass.

With kind regards, in Jesus Mary and Joseph………….

If any recipient of this mail knows some traditional faithful without email facilities, please inform them of the above events. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to call me.

Dr Al Donoghue
021 477724