24 DECEMBER FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT  11.00 AM. Father Sherry will offer the fourth Advent Mass at our usual time of 11 am. No post-Mass meal celebration is planned that day.

25 DECEMBER MONDAY CHRISTMAS DAY 10.30 AM. Father Sherry will offer this Mass on the Holy Day of Christmas commencing at 10.30am.   At this stage no post-Mass meal celebration has been planned. If you think a parish meal event would be good on Christmas Day, please discuss that with Mr Michael Petersen.

31 DECEMBER LAST SUNDAY OF DECEMBER  11.00 AM. Father Sherry will offer this Mass at our usual time 11 am.

1 JANUARY MONDAY NEW YEAR’S DAY 2018 11.30 AM. Fr Brockhill will offer this Mass commencing at 11.30 am. Please note the amended time.

6 JANUARY FIRST SATURDAY MASS AT MARTON CHURCH 10 AM. Please remember this traditional Latin Mass offered by Fr Brockhill in his home parish. All our faithful are welcome, if they can make the journey. Remember that the promises relating to the First Five Saturdays are available from assisting this Mass series.

7 JANUARY FIRST SUNDAY MASS AT ASHHURST CHURCH 11 AM. Currently we expect that Father Sherry will be able to offer this Mass, but if he is unable to we have received an offer from Father Brockhill to offer the Holy Sacrifice. If that eventuated the time would shift from 11 am, but until further notice please accept the time and priest as given. We expect that a post-Mass lunch will be shared as usual for the first Sunday monthly.

14 JANUARY SECOND SUNDAY OF JANUARY  AT 12 MIDDAY. This Mass will be offered by Father Brockhill, the regular arrangement for the second Sunday of each month. Please note the usual time for Father Brockhill at 12 midday.