The Ecclesia Dei Society wishes to pass on their sincere condolences to the Diocese of Christchurch on the loss of their much loved Bishop and Pastor, Bishop Barry Jones.  Bishop Barry will be remembered  for leading the Diocese through the great upheaval of the Christchurch earthquake, which includes the severe damage to the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and which he has tried to preserve for future generations.

We remember Bishop Jones too for the love and pastoral care he gave to his diocese, and especially to those who have a love for the Traditional Latin Mass.  He was surely a pioneer in that he provided the Traditional Latin Mass from the time of the indult granted by St John Paul II The Great, many years before Pope Benedict’s Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum, when it wasn’t popular to do so.  We are grateful to him for that, and the Church has been extremely blessed to have such a good, humble man as a priest and bishop.  Deo gratias and may he rest in peace, a good and faithful servant of Our Lord